- A Eurovision Debate about European elections • may 2014 -

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#TellEUROPE – Eurovision Debate Infographics

Fact check: Ska Keller

Fact check: Guy Verhofstadt

Missed the EUROVISION DEBATE last night? Watch it here to catch up!

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EBU makes history with the EUROVISION DEBATE

The next Commision President and the Eurosceptic challenge


Fact check: Martin Schulz

Fact check: Jean-Claude Juncker

Social Media Q&A with Guy Verhofstadt

What I’d like to #TellEUROPE, by Bill Emmott

Survey sheds light on hopes and fears of young Europeans

Young Irish journalist to co-present the EUROVISION DEBATE

Why Nigel Farage won’t be running for Europe’s top job

Social Media Q&A with Jean-Claude Juncker

The Political Debate: “High Definition TV or the camera never lies!”

Social Media Q&A with Martin Schulz

Fewer celebrities, more high profile politicians

In conversation with Rob Hopkin

Did you know that there are just 50 days to go to the start of the European Parliament elections?

My God, we could be making history!

Social Media Q&A with Ska Keller

What would you like to tell Ska Keller?

What would you like to tell Guy Verhofstadt?

What would you like to tell Martin Schulz?

Social Media Q&A with Jean-Claude Juncker

What would you like to tell Jean-Claude Juncker?

EUROVISION DEBATE's interview with Nigel Farage

Live Facebook Q&A with Martin Schulz

Live Facebook Q&A session with Ska Keller

EUROVISION DEBATE Vox pop @ Brussels, March 2014

The EUROVISION DEBATE by Monica Maggioni

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